At the end of June 2022, the Institute for Peace through Tourism (IMIT-IIPT Serbia Chapter) celebrates its anniversary. During this period, we created the basis for meeting the goals related to several key activities:

  • Declaring IIPT Peace Parks in Serbia,
  • A competition for the best student work on the link between peace and tourism,
  • Organizing a regional conference on peace through tourism and education on the relationship between peace and tourism.

Regarding these activities, we had the support of the National Tourism Organization of Serbia, tourism organizations of cities and municipalities, associations of the tourism industry, journalists, as well as representatives of other key actors in Serbian tourism. We emphasise the concordance of partnership agreements between IIPT Serbia and representatives of the three higher education institutions in the field of tourism.

Unfortunately, the IIPT Serbia project proposal for the use of grants for tourism development projects to the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications did not obtain support.

In line with available funding, IIPT Serbia has gone the furthest in selecting candidates for IIPT Peace Parks. We expect that at the beginning of September 2022, we will announce the results, i.e., cities and places that have fulfilled the conditions to become IIPT Peace parks. One of the IIPT Peace parks in Serbia will participate in the IIPT Festival of Peace through Tourism from 21-27. September 2022.

IIPT Serbia Chapter has participated in all International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) activities. We are ready for more extensive cooperation, primarily in the field of regional cooperation in this area.

We invite you to support the activities of IIPT Serbia with your ideas and proposals and to contribute to creating the best possible conditions for peace through tourism.